Friday, December 23, 2022

The Antithesist - Depersonalized [ISR047]


The Antithesist - Depersonalized [ISR047]


5 spontaneously recorded improvised tracks of power electronics and death industrial music recorded during a personal period of high anxiety and trauma.

All instrumentation and vocals by The Antithesist. Recorded Christmas Weekend 2022 at The Melting Pot in Cannington Perth Western Australia.


Cover art by Nae Midion.
Mastered by Steve Munslow in Bolton UK.
Thanks to Disrrr, Everyone at Illness Sufferer Records, Everyone at ENDE Records, EL and Miss Moog. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

t3g3lst3n - Enoch [ISR046]


t3g3lst3n - Enoch [ISR046]

Beat mangler t3g3lst3n has his head around his manic desire for weird out beats and melodies going beyond our own imagination.

Music often have a sublime political scale if look deeper that's not obvious around current things happening globally.



Sunday, November 27, 2022

Disrrr - Downsized Seizure (ISR045)


ISR045 - Disrrr - Downsized Seizure

Out of grid beat smasher Disrrr slew ups and threw downs this weekend. To much dub hiphop for his own good. Thanks to works of famous rappers, Disrrr managed to throw out his thoughts on hiphop. As usual he put out his insanely noisey breakbeats. Not to forget his deep kicks and low basslines.

According to Disrrr he takes on vacation for the rest of the year due to illness. But I am sure that we will hear more of him in January as previeously announced personally by Disrrr.

Be sure to follow Disrrr on the links as follow:
released November 27, 2022

"Due to my sickness i slew this album through today, containing various breakcore, speedcore, ragga-mashoff and a lots of hiphop beats.

Still waiting my new external soundengine to record a few live settings!" - Disrrr @disrrr666 ; (November 26, 2022)

Friday, November 11, 2022

Noistruct - Private Bodies [ISR044]


Noistruct - Private Bodies [ISR044]

Noistruct is known for his hard hitting breakcore business with a huge influence on drilling IDM noise breakbeats.

Noistruct has been around for almost 25 years in the Australian breakcore scene with more than 115 releases on several different labels. Head owner of Australian netlabel ENDE Records with a large number of collaborations throughout the years.

All tracks produced by Noistruct at The Shop South Perth WA in early 2022.