Monday, June 12, 2023

t3g3lst3n - This Is Not Breakcore [ISR058]


t3g3lst3n - This Is Not Breakcore [ISR058]

t3g3lst3n currently running over all fake popular music producers in Sweden. With over 120 releases on all platforms on internet in just 2 years i wonder what other musicians are doing.

The Wreckener - It's Raining In My Heart [ISR057]


The Wreckener - It's Raining In My Heart [ISR057]

Finally atmospheric noise ambience to soothe our pain we feel inside. Recorded by The Wreckener in one day on May 29th 2023 in Southwest Western Australia while coughing and suffering through Covid-19 as hail and rain blasted outside. All music The Wreckener 2023.  

Everything made by The Wreckener with cheap and secondhand gear except the Volca Bass which was bought new 3 years ago. All music recorded into a phone, transferred to PC for editing, lightly touched up and then shat back out again. Thanks to Disrrr and Illness Sufferer Records.

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

t3g3lst3n - Disharmony Of The Day [ISR054]


t3g3lst3n - Disharmony Of The Day [ISR054]

Since t3g3lst3n is a great collaborator we wanted to release this new works of him. This is pure beat mangling at its finest. Haters can hate anywhere else.

t3g3lst3n has released over 63 releases in just 2 years and is a known contributor to Illness Sufferer. Has been in the music industry since the 80s.

Be sure to check out his other releases on Illness Sufferer. But also his own bandcamp:

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Regndygn - Regnar [ISR053]


Regndygn - Regnar [ISR053]

Since Regndygn always been into dubby vibes he releases this new Dub release. Regndygn project was meant to release more Ambient and Chillout stuff when he first started the project. But since the start in 2019 he has released a lot of different genres.

Recorded with different drum machines and synthesizers.

Check out this another release and listen on his more IDM-ish effort:

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Noistruct VS Disrrr - The ENDE Of Suffering [ISR052]


Noistruct VS Disrrr - The ENDE Of Suffering [ISR052]

Noistruct sent Disrrr his recent samples and breakbeats for Disrrr to complete this collab.

Noistruct has been around in the breakcore scene for 25 years now and run the label ENDE Records. Has been working with musicians largely around the world and is known for his hard hitting breakbeats.

Disrrr has been producing music for at least a decade. Dropped out of production for a few years but since 2020 he has been producing intencely and made over 45 releases and collaborations.

This release is also released on ENDE Records (