Thursday, April 21, 2022

Disrrr - Rotten

Disrrr - Rotten (ISR020)

Hailing from northern part of Sweden, available locally in Stockholm, Sweden. You find him at raves locally in the forests around Stockholm County.

Since latest release, Disrrr decided to make more breakcore.
Stepping out of Babylon with angry breakbeats!
Tired of all bullshit the politicians are doing. We no want more war! MAKE NOISE!!!

This album contains distorted breakbeats with angry vocals and heavy basslines!

Featuring remixes by Noistruct (ENDE Records) and Beytah



01. F***ing BDSM (+18 music)
02. Me And My Girlfriend
03. Bomboclat Dead
04. Rotten
05. Weak Heart
06. Weak Heart (noistruct's amenviolence mix)
07. Riddim
08. Society Is A Fraud
09. Speak With Us
10. Repeat (noistructs wild cunt rmx)
11. Miserable
12. Society Is A Fraud (beytah remix)
13. Nightmare Terror
14. Weak Heart (noistruct's subversive heart mix)
15. We Make The Rules