Monday, June 12, 2023

t3g3lst3n - This Is Not Breakcore [ISR058]


t3g3lst3n - This Is Not Breakcore [ISR058]

t3g3lst3n currently running over all fake popular music producers in Sweden. With over 120 releases on all platforms on internet in just 2 years i wonder what other musicians are doing. Are so-called musicians even doing music or are they just junk-wankers doing it for spare cash? Then they can quit because their music doesnt have a meaning. t3g3lst3n at least doing it for the love for music

The Wreckener - It's Raining In My Heart [ISR057]


The Wreckener - It's Raining In My Heart [ISR057]

Finally atmospheric noise ambience to soothe our pain we feel inside. Recorded by The Wreckener in one day on May 29th 2023 in Southwest Western Australia while coughing and suffering through Covid-19 as hail and rain blasted outside. All music The Wreckener 2023.  

Everything made by The Wreckener with cheap and secondhand gear except the Volca Bass which was bought new 3 years ago. All music recorded into a phone, transferred to PC for editing, lightly touched up and then shat back out again. Thanks to Disrrr and Illness Sufferer Records.