Disrrr - Disrrr started out producing breakcore and jungle in 2013 (in another name that reflects his recent name), but didnt officially start his journey until 2020, due to other projects and life situations. Had one of his tracks "Break Down Prison" released on "Scandinavian Breakcore Compilation Vol.1" in 2013. Disrrr producing and performing preferably breakcore and IDM but recently started making more IDM influenced Trap music to reach a wider audience. Check Bandcamp and

t3g3lst3n - Being in the background of other artists/bands (som international #1 list hits) since the 80s, and only doing my own music for myself for fun when i had time over, that abruptly stopped mid 90s. Another 'famous individual' we worked in the same 'place', I stopped with music when I got sick, he continued and died years after, a big loss for the swe music world as it changed a lot as he drove it forward.  I'm just now restarting making music with some simple tools, many from 80s for fun still, now able to release tracks to the public unlike before were it was used by dj, before you needed a big label behind you and the step up was too big for me to take as I had my own companies to run. Any gifts will go mainly to buy a multitrack digital mixes as current 8chan Yamaha are noisy... A PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2 USB Digital looks ok for my use. A official thank you!

I make the music 'live' in one go. Another issue i record in 2chan so basically cant master it after when doing it live, why need/want a new mixer reason sound balance will not be perfect 4 what it is. when get it balance should get better, gift support are for needed gear, or by track on bandcamp on a freeday :) then i get 100% - taxes. Check on Bandcamp

Regndygn - Regndygn (similar to "rainy days" in Swedish) is a sideproject to Disrrr, started in late 2019. The project was thought to just release dark ambient tracks, but to get a more wider audience it developed into techno and IDM. Frequently releasing his own material on bandcamp, but looking to collaborate with other artists and labels. Check Bandcamp

Mental Sin - Mental Sin is a Dark Ambient project originated in Sweden. He is very secretive but releases cruel music. We plan to do somethig more with this guy. Maybe release a CDr. Check Bandcamp

Mental Sin & Disrrr - Mental Sin & Disrrr collaborated to produce deep Ambient with heavy chopped breakbeats. Their work began with a debut EP on Illness Sufferer Records.

Mental Sin is very secretive as a person and does only want to produce ambient sounds. It was Mental Sin's idea to start the project, handing over deep ambient sounds for Disrrr to produce deep Breakcore and IDM.Check Bandcamp